to the Bulgarian Eastern Orthodox Church of Northern California

Bulgarians living in San Francisco Bay Area founded Bulgarian Eastern Orthodox Church “Saints Kiril and Metodi” in 1990. The church is a member of the Bulgarian Diocese of Toledo, Orthodox Church in America.

Thousands of Bulgarians have the need of place for worship and spirituality. Bulgarians dream for their place where they could carry their services, bible studies, organize baptisms, weddings, memorials, among many other events that are important in building continuity in the life of a religious community.


Brief History

As nation Bulgaria accepted Christianity in 864 and since then Bulgarian Christians have been under the umbrella of the Eastern Orthodox Church. To worship God they built churches in Byzantium style, decorated with icons and wonderful wall paintings. During 500 years of Ottoman rule the church remained the sole place where the Bulgarians could go for prayers, comfort and inspiration. The church was the backbone of the Bulgarian spiritual life through the centuries and thanks to it Bulgarian people preserved their identity, customs, language and traditions.

Our church is named after two Slavic brothers – monks by the name of Kiril (Cyril) and Metodi (Methodius), who in the seventh century A.D.  created the Cyrillic alphabet and by doing so they gave to the Bulgarians and all Slavic people a window to the knowledge and the world.

During the communist period in Bulgaria, the church and the religion were  prohibited. People were persecuted and forbidden religious gatherings and worship. Churches were destroyed or neglected.