The Golden Book of Donors

Dear fellow Bulgarians,

We proudly announce that the first step in realizing our dream to have our own Bulgarian church building in the Bay Area has been made.

It took a few years of hard work by the church board, enthusiasts and the help of all of you. As you know the property market now is favorable because of the low prices and we were able to take advantage of this. The property was purchased for $60000 - $55000 were paid by the church and $5000 were donated by Vasil and Pasha Popovi and Ivan and Hedi Popovi. The house is in the City of Martinez - exit Pacheco Blvd, off Highway 680.

The house witch has been bought will be converted into a church building. At this moment we are working on the plans for reconstruction. The labor, the necessary equipment and machinery will be donated. The only expenses will be buying the building materials. The church will continue to organize different events as a way of collecting money, will continue to accept members (only $10 a month) and donations.

We appeal to everybody, who can and wish to help - to make donation – any amount is welcome. If anybody can help with labor or with whatever he or she can – please contact us at:

The Bulgarian Eastern Orthodox Church of Northern California depends on your donations for further developing and compltetion of the church building. Any amount or form of help would be greatly appreciated. The names of the donors will be put in the “Golden Book of the Donors”. If you would like to make a specific donation for buying a table, chairs, window, door, cabinet, bench, fountain, cross, picture, bell etc. and your name will be engrave on a special metal plaque, honoring you.

Recently a group of volunteers spend time cleaning the property. A Bulgarian architect is volunteering his time to create a plan for the reconstruction of the building. The work on the future church will begin after the plans for reconstruction are approved by Sanitary, Planning and Building departments of Contra Costa County. The web design and administration of the official church website was donated by Kamelia and Dimitar Radevi from DRAKASTUDIO

Dear countrymen, let realizing the idea – we, Bulgarians, to have our own place for worship in the bay Area be a part of our personal ambitions for success in this great country!

If you would like to find out how to contribute to the cause or to make a donation, please use the contact information below:

SS Kiril & Metodi
696 San Ramon Valley Rd., # 254
Danville, CA94526

Use your PayPal account to make an instant donation:


Long live Bulgaria and God bless you! See letter in Bulgarian